What is a brain injury?


A brain injury is an injury to the brain that occurs after birth. There are many causes of brain injury such as stroke, a car accident, progressive illnesses, hypoxia, etc.


Brain injuries may also be referred to as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Brain injury is common. According to Brain Injury Australia (BIA) over 700,000 Australians have a brain injury which limits their ability to participate in daily activities.

Whilst physical disabilities are relatively easy to spot, a brain injury can have a less obvious impact on a person's thinking, emotions and behaviour. This can impact their relationships with family and friends and how they interact at work and school. Brain injuries are often referred to as a hidden disability.


How a speech pathologist can help

As uniquely skilled professionals in the assessment and treatment of swallowing and cognitive-communication disorders (e.g. speaking, listening, reading, writing, verbal reasoning, problem solving and social communication), we can help you get back to doing what matters to you - Whether that be improving your conversation skills, getting back to doing your job or studies, managing your swallowing challenges or being able to express your opinion with a well-supported rationale, we will work with you towards achieving your personalised goals.

Evidence based practice

At ClearConvo we are committed to professional development and exclusively use the latest evidence-based interventions in collaboration with our clients to help them achieve their goals. 

Experience you can trust​


The ClearConvo team is experienced in providing speech pathology treatment and intervention to individuals with brain injuries. Andrea, our senior practice leader has been working with the brain injury population since 2007. Andrea has provided assessment and intervention to the brain injury population in hospitals, homes, schools, and community settings from the sub-acute rehabilitation stage through to the chronic stage for individuals of all ages.

The Referral Process

Anyone can make a referral to ClearConvo. If you would like to use our services you can contact us directly or ask your support coordinator or LAC to make a referral to our service.

Once we receive your referral form we can provide you with a quotation with absolutely no obligation to choose ClearConvo as your provider.

If you need assistance, a dedicated member of our team is available to assist you.